Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HCA's First Weatherization Day: A Success!

Under the incredible A-HEET leadership of Laurel Kayne and Jeremy Marin, along with half a dozen Team Leaders including Arlington Selectman Annie LaCourt, local electrician Joe DeNatale, Audrey Schulman, Jason Taylor, Woody Swan, Forbes Little, Marc Breslow, and Martin LaMonica, a crew of forty volunteers weatherized one of HCA's two-family houses on a very rainy September morning.

Volunteers painstakingly insulated the heating pipes, caulked windows and moldings, replaced incandescent bulbs with energy efficient CFLs, insulated electrical outlets and sealed exterior penetrations. From basement to attic, all parties involved had a hand in making the property as airtight as possible.

Peter Feinmann, President of Feinmann, Inc., orchestrated the final blower door test with his crew at the end of the work day. The average reduction in “air leakage” after weatherizing a home is around 11%. At this event, the group reduced one unit’s air flow by 12% and the other by 24%! Tenants in both units were extremely grateful for the improvements being made to their living space from so many volunteers.

A big "thank you" goes out to everyone who joined us--Great Job!