Friday, September 17, 2010

Vote NO on 2!

This November, Massachusetts voters will choose whether or not to keep the law supplying Massachusetts’ best tool to develop affordable housing. Question 2 will decide if the state law Chapter 40B, otherwise known as the Affordable Housing Law, will be repealed.

Over the last decade, this law has been responsible for approximately 80% of the affordable homes built outside of the Commonwealth’s major cities. The law has enabled builders to create 58,000 new homes in cities, suburbs, and small towns. A repeal of the law would halt the construction of 12,000 homes in the pipeline, and all of the jobs and economic benefits they would bring.

The Affordable Housing Law sets a goal for every city and town to require at least 10% of its homes to be affordable. It encourages construction of new homes by providing a comprehensive permit and flexible zoning for developers who build affordable homes. The number of cities and towns above the 10% threshold more than doubled from 24 in 1997 to 51 today, with an additional 40 communities above 8%.

The Affordable Housing Law creates homes, greater equity among communities, and opportunities for working families. Residents in these homes work in health care, education, construction, financial services, retail, human services, and in other occupations critical to our state’s workforce. Home prices and rents remain out of reach for many and, because of the recession, many families are struggling to get by. Massachusetts needs the Affordable Housing Law today more than ever. Please VOTE NO on Question 2.

Learn more at "Affordable Housing and the Ballot Question," Rep Kaufman's October 14th Open House at 7:30 PM at the Historic Depot in Lexington!